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Högskolan i Borås diploma
Högskolan i Borås diploma

Borås University College (Swedish: Högskolan i Borås), located in Borås, Sweden, was established in 1977 and is a public university college in Sweden, accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education. buy Högskolan i Borås diploma online, Borås University is a modern university with six faculties, including Library Education and Intelligence, Business and Informatics, Fashion and Textiles, Behavioral and Educational Sciences, and Engineering and Health Sciences. The university is located in the center of Brose and has 11,800 students and 600 employees.

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The University College of Brose offers degrees in industry, biotechnology, economics, information technology, education, engineering, and nursing, and is also a training center for librarians in Sweden. Högskolan i Borås graduation diploma, In addition, the Department of Fashion and Textiles at the University of Bross has a long history of textile production in the city of Bross and is located in an old textile factory, so its students are well-equipped to work with textile machines and make textiles in the field. The University also offers courses in business law, design, and management. How to get Högskolan i Borås diploma, Brås University is striving to become a research university with a strong professional focus and is also aiming to become the fourth-largest police academy in Sweden.

Bross University College was founded in 1977 and has approximately 11,500 students and faculty. buy Högskolan i Borås diploma online, The university is located within walking distance of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city. Many of the programs taught in English are unique in Sweden, such as the School of Fashion and Textiles, which offers a master’s degree taught in English. The university has a good relationship with companies, and many of the university programs are sponsored by Swedish companies. 2005 the university submitted an application to the Swedish Ministry of Education to become Sweden’s first vocationally oriented university.

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