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Istanbul Bilgi University diploma
Istanbul Bilgi University diploma

Istanbul Bilgi University was established in 1996 as a private, non-profit organization. buy Istanbul Bilgi University diploma, Istanbul Bilgi University has four faculties that grant bachelor’s degrees: the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, the Faculty of Science and Letters, the Faculty of Communication, and the Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Social Sciences (Graduate School) of Istanbul Bilgi University offers postgraduate programs in 15 different specializations.

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There are 72 universities in Turkey, 50 of which are state universities and 22 of which are private universities. Istanbul Bilgi University diploma replacement, The total number of foreign students has exceeded 16,000 from more than 100 countries.

International students applying for a bachelor’s degree can do so either through a centralized student allocation examination (with test points in 16 different countries) or directly to a selected university. A number of Turkish universities teach in English. buy fake Istanbul Bilgi University diploma, These English-medium universities provide students with a one-year intensive English language preparatory program. fake Istanbul Bilgi University diploma maker, The same universities that teach in Turkish also offer international students a one-year intensive language program in Turkish.

There are 17 faculties (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of Theology, etc.), 5 departments (Faculty of Physical Education, Faculty of Information, Faculty of Turkish, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Fine Arts), 12 Higher Education and Training Colleges, and dozens of Institutes and Research Centers.

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