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Politecnico di Milano diploma
Politecnico di Milano diploma

Politecnico di Milano (Italian: Politecnico di Milano; referred to as Polimi), founded in 1863, is Italy’s largest and most authoritative polytechnic university. buy a Politecnico di Milano diploma, It is one of the world’s leading polytechnic universities in the engineering, architecture, and design sector and enjoys a good reputation. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education of China and has in-depth program cooperation with many domestic universities.

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The university is divided into seven campuses: two main campuses located in Milan, Milano-Leonardo, and Milano-Bovisa, and four other campuses located in the other cities of Lombardy, Como, Lecco, Cremona, Mantova, and one campus outside of Lombardy, Piacenza.

The university has more than 1,000 professors and more than 40,000 students enrolled in 18 departments. buy Politecnico di Milano diploma online, The Politecnico di Milano is a typical example of a research university with a wide range of fields of study, from nanotechnology to space technology, from biotechnology to communication technology. Enrollment is in Architecture and Society, Civil Architecture, Civil and Environmental Territorial Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Information Engineering, and Design.

Living expenses in Milan are about 1000€/month (travel + room rental + transportation + three meals). Among them, renting an apartment in Milan is about 400-600€/month, which is the price of a single room for one person. Politecnico di Milano diploma certificate, If you choose to share a room with two people, it is about 300-350€/month per person. Milan Polytechnic provides a school dormitory is about 450 euros /month, but you have to apply in advance, Milan Poly students are many, but the dormitory is limited, want to apply for students to take advantage of the early.

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