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Rhodes University diploma
Rhodes University diploma

South Africa’s famous century-old school, founded in 1904, Rhodes University is located in Grahamstown. Former South African President Nelson Mandela was an honorary professor of law at the school. It has 4 museums and several libraries. buy Rhodes University diploma, There are 6 departments with nearly 50 majors, about 6,000 students, and 1,000 teaching staff.

The campus is adjacent to a nature reserve and is surrounded by greenery all year round, making it a beautiful and pleasant place to live. There are a total of 36 student dormitories on the campus, which are categorized into A, B, and C grades with different facilities. buy Rhodes University diploma online, There is a student cafeteria, sports ground, and recreational facilities in every 3-7 residential areas.

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Tuition: Bachelor’s Degree: approx. 2600~4000 USD/year; Master’s Degree: approx. 2000 USD/year; MBA: 3000 USD/year, Enrollment Fee: 50 USD before September 30th and 100 USD after September 30th each year.

Rhodes University has six colleges: School of Business, School of Education, School of Humanities, School of Law, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and School of Natural Sciences, which mainly provide education at undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels, and offer majors mainly in Management, Economics, Information Systems, Statistics, Sociology, Psychology, Business Law, Law, Educational Theory and Practice, Environmental Education, English, Research Methodology, Rhodes University diploma certificate, Information Technology, Mathematics, Geography, Elementary Education, Anthropology, Drama, English Literature, Art, History, Journalism and Media, Music, Psychology, Social Affairs, Principles of Law, Business Law, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, and Pharmaceutical Management.

Rhodes University is ranked 9th in the Global Universities Network (4ICU) National Universities Rankings, 800th in the Webometrics World University Rankings, Rhodes University graduation diploma, and its Business School is ranked 8th in the Global Education Business School Rankings Network National Business School Rankings.

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