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Sorbonne Université diploma
Sorbonne Université diploma

Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), also known as Sorbonne University, is part of the Faculty of Arts of the former University of Paris, along with the University of Paris III. After the May Storm of the French student movement was launched in 1968, the University of Paris was divided into 13 independent universities, of which the University of Paris IV was established in 1971, by the former University of Paris. buy fake Sorbonne Université diploma, The University of Paris was established in 1971, by the former University of Paris, because its Faculty of Arts and the University of Paris I (Pantheon – Sorbonne University) belonged to the former University of Paris, Faculty of Humanities and Fine Arts, and is located in Paris, so the name of Paris Sorbonne.

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The medieval Collègue de Sorbonne was founded in 1253 by Robert de Sorbon. Originally a seminary, it evolved into the University of Paris, a prestigious comprehensive university. Later, the University of Paris was dissolved by the student movement mentioned above.

The University of Paris IV was a single-discipline university in the field of humanities. Sorbonne Université diploma certificate, It specializes in Greek, philosophy, history, geography, English, and German. Its history and geography programs are ranked second in France after the University of Paris 1. The former Université Pierre et Marie Curie de France (Université de Paris VI) and the former Université Paris-Sorbonne (Université de Paris IV) merged on January 1, 2018 to form Université de Sorbonne.

The academic departments of Paris IV are organized according to their size and nature into 17 educational and research units (Unit de formation et de recherche), three departments (Departments), five research centers (Centers), two faculties (Instituts), and one school (Ecole), Sorbonne Université diploma replacement, with a total of 26,650 students There are 26,650 students, of whom 8,650 are enrolled in the first cycle, 8,700 in the second cycle, 4,520 in the third cycle, and 3,900 studying for school diplomas.

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