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UH diploma

The University of Havana (Spanish: Universidad de La Habana, abbreviation: UH), abbreviated in Chinese, is located in the Vedado district of Havana, Cuba, and was founded on September 21, 1721. It is the oldest and largest university in Cuba and one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Latin America, as well as one of the first in the Americas. The University of Havana has fifteen departments and fourteen research centers in various fields, including economics, natural sciences, and humanities. Buy UH diploma, In total, there are about 25 specializations. The University has approximately 6,000 students from all over the world.

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The University of Havana attaches great importance to art and aesthetics education, How to buy UH diploma, which is actively supported by experts and scholars from other universities, as well as by nationally renowned writers and artists.

The University has seven scientific institutions accredited by the Cuban Academy of Sciences: the Institute of Materials and Reagents, the Center for Marine Research, the Center for Demographic Research, the Center for International Economic Research, Where to buy UH diploma, the Center for Natural Sciences Research, the Synthetic Materials Research Unit and the National Botanical Garden.

The other seven research centers are the Center for Higher Education Studies, fake UH diploma certificate, the Center for American Studies, the Center for Instructional Technology Studies, the Center for Cuban Economic Studies, the Center for Sociocultural Studies, the Center for Political Studies, and the Center for Social Development Studies.

The many museums that Havana has are also a major element in shaping the cultural atmosphere of the city. buy fake UH diploma, The Asian Museum, located on a side street in the Old City, houses a number of art treasures from China, Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries. Probably the most famous museum in Havana is the Hemingway Museum.

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