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Universität zu Köln Urkunde
Universität zu Köln Urkunde

Universität zu Köln; abbreviated as UzK was founded in 1388 and has a history of more than 600 years. buy Universität zu Köln Urkunde, It is one of the oldest universities in Europe and the world and is located in Cologne, the fourth-largest city in Germany (after Berlin in East Germany, Munich in South Germany, and Hamburg in North Germany), and the largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and West Germany.

The University of Cologne has a long history of liberal arts and sciences, does not have engineering, its economics and law in Germany enjoy a high reputation, and its theoretical physics, biology and medicine, and other natural science fields also have a very strong strength. The University of Cologne has the largest Faculty of Economics in Germany, and its economics and management have long been in the top three in Germany. Universität zu Köln Urkunde certificate, The University of Cologne is a member of the CEMS consortium of top business schools worldwide, which selects only one top university in each country and region.

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With four Nobel Prize winners and eleven Leibniz Prize winners, the University of Cologne was selected as one of Germany’s eleven elite universities in 2012 for its outstanding strengths and its strategy for the future, “Meeting the Challenges of Change and Complexity”. buy a Universität zu Köln Urkunde, The University of Cologne is also a member of the German U15 university consortium and in 2017 became the 39th member of the Coimbra Group, Europe’s oldest and most prestigious university consortium.

The University of Cologne has an eclectic mix of arts and sciences, and does not have an engineering program; its best-known majors are economics and law. The University of Cologne is among the elite universities in Germany, and with the advantage of being in a large city, it has traditionally attracted a large number of applicants. fake Universität zu Köln Urkunde maker, The University of Cologne now has six faculties: the Faculty of Economics, Management and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and the specialties within each faculty are very detailed and complete. Worldwide, the University of Cologne has established close cooperation with hundreds of renowned universities and research institutes.

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