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UNIVERSITE LUMIERE-LYON II, located in the center of Lyon, is a comprehensive, liberal arts state university with about 30,000 students. buy UNIVERSITE LUMIERE-LYON II diploma, The campus covers an area of 61,000 square meters. It offers diplomas in nearly 300 disciplines, with specializations in literature, arts and linguistics, foreign languages, geography, art, history, tourism, law, anthropology and sociology, and economics and management.

UNIVERSITE LUMIERE-LYON II, one of the world’s top universities, will be fully integrated into the University of Lyon (Université de Lyon) in January 2020 as one of the universities under the University of Lyon according to the requirements of France’s “Universities of Excellence Program” (IDEX). buy fake UNIVERSITE LUMIERE-LYON II diploma, The IDEX program is considered to be one of the biggest reforms in French higher education in the last forty years, aiming to establish five to seven globally competitive world-class universities in France.

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UNIVERSITE LUMIERE-LYON II was founded in 1896 as the University of Lyon. In 1968, the University of Lyon was split into three universities, of which Lyon II was a part, and at that time, it mainly covered the faculties of Law, Literature, and Social Sciences. fake UNIVERSITE LUMIERE-LYON II diploma maker, Since 1973, it has been transformed into the current organization. The University of Lyon II is a university of humanities, social sciences, and economic and management sciences, with an excellent quality of teaching, offering 300 different diploma programs. UNIVERSITE LUMIERE-LYON II graduation diploma, It has six faculties, five specialized colleges, four university vocational colleges, one university technical college, and one political science college.

The University is located at the crossroads of Northern and Southern Europe. This strategic geographic location gives it the opportunity to cooperate with more than 140 European and 88 extra-European universities and to carry out student and teacher exchanges as well as a variety of other cooperation programs, including several double diploma programs.

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