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University of Geneva diploma
University of Geneva diploma

The University of Geneva (French: Université de Genève), located in Geneva, Swiss Confederation, is a renowned public university and a member of the International Forum of Public Universities, the European Association of Research Universities, and the Coimbra Group. If you need a fake University of Geneva diploma, please let us know.

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In 1559, John Calvin founded the Geneva Academy (Latin: Schola Genevensis) to teach rhetoric, dialectics, Hebrew, and classical Greek, which gained wide renown during the European Reformation. University of Geneva diploma certificate, After the Age of Enlightenment, the fields of study were gradually expanded, and in 1873 the Faculty of Medicine was established and officially renamed a university. The University of Geneva also hosts the Geneva Institute for Advanced Translation (ETI).

The University of Geneva offers more than 240 degrees in various disciplines and some 150 continuing education programs each year. until 2005, the University used the French degree system, which was divided into three levels: the Licence, the DEA, and the Doctorat. buy a University of Geneva diploma, Since then, the University’s degree system has been gradually brought into line with that of European countries in the spirit of the Bologna Declaration signed by the Ministers of Education of 29 European countries. The University of Geneva enjoys an international reputation and is a member of the European Alliance of Research Universities, which brings together 23 of Europe’s best research universities.

The University of Geneva is a comprehensive university offering a wide range of programs. Its areas of excellence include the life sciences (molecular biology, bioinformatics), elementary particle physics, and astrophysics. fake University of Geneva diploma maker, The University of Geneva also hosts one of the world’s oldest and most advanced translation schools, the Geneva School of Advanced Translation (ETI). The School of Advanced International Relations and Development (SAIRD) also enjoys an excellent reputation.

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