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UT Austin transcript
UT Austin transcript

The University of Texas at Austin, also known as UT Austin, founded in 1883, is the main campus of the University of Texas system and one of the top institutions of higher learning within the state of Texas. If you need to buy a UT Austin transcript, please contact us.

The main campus is located approximately one mile from the Texas State Headquarters in Austin. UT Austin academic transcript, There are approximately 51,000 students and approximately 3,000 faculty (Fall 2014). It is the fifth-largest university in the nation in terms of student enrollment on a single campus (Fall 2005). The university contains a total of 18 colleges.

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Among the alumni are nine Nobel Prize winners, 18 Pulitzer Prize winners and one Turing Award winner, one Wolf Prize winner, four National Medal of Science winners, 26 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation winners, 40 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation winners, and 94 American Scientist Foundation winners. UT Austin official transcript, Among the current professors, are four members of the National Academy of Sciences for Social Welfare and Social Work, 15 members of the National Academy of Nursing, 16 members of the National Physical Society, 16 members of the National Law Society, 17 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 28 members of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, and 48 members of the National Academy of Engineering. Of these, the number of engineering members is the fourth highest among American universities. In politics, there are more than 30 representatives of the National Senate and House of Representatives. buy a UT Austin transcript online, The business world includes the founder of the famous Dell computer company, the CEO of ExxonMobil, and the CEO of Southwest Airlines.

Texas State is also a preeminent sports university, having been named the best sports university in the United States by Sports Illustrated in 2002. The Texas State University soccer team won the national championship in January 2006, beating USC in the Rose Bowl at the Rose Bowl. buy fake UT Austin transcript, Texas State athletes have 130 Olympic medalists, including 14 medalists from the Beijing Olympics and 13 medalists from the London Olympics.

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