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France ID
France ID

As you know, the French driver’s license is one of the most difficult licenses on earth. According to some experienced friends who have studied in France, the French driving test has a high elimination rate in both theory and road tests, which, coupled with the high cost, discourages most of our friends from taking the test. buy a fake France ID, French instructor master is not you plugging a cigarette can open the door of convenience, everything depends on whether you are gifted, learning well maybe six or seven hundred euros can be done, but the road test is not good, some of my friends to spend six or seven thousand euros is also possible. In France to obtain a driver’s license to spend an average of two thousand euros (about 15,000 yuan), the exchange of driver’s licenses in France to work and study in the Chinese people can save a lot of time and money costs.

France ID back
France ID back

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According to the China-France Driving License Mutual Recognition and Exchange Agreement, one party allows the holder of the other country’s driving license to drive directly in its territory or to exchange his/her driving license without a test. buy France ID online, For temporary entry into the territory of the other country for less than one year, both sides can recognize each other’s driver’s licenses. How to get France ID, For those who have stayed in the other country for more than one year, the two sides will realize the test-free exchange of driving licenses. Citizens or permanent residents of one side holding their own driving licenses and translations, as well as passports, visas, or residence permits, can directly exchange their driving licenses for those of the other country without a test.

According to the announcement of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, applicants holding Chinese driver’s licenses must hold a driver’s license issued by the People’s Republic of China after April 1, 2008, and have the intention to reside in France for more than one year in order to exchange their driver’s licenses in France; applicants must submit their applications within one year after obtaining their first official residence permit in France.

On the Chinese side, those who hold a French driver’s license and wish to exchange it for a Chinese driver’s license in China, need to hold a French driver’s license issued after September 16, 2013, which complies with EU standards.

For international students, both sides offer reciprocal preferential policies. During the period of working and studying in France, Chinese students can directly drive motor vehicles of the corresponding permitted driving type with their Chinese driving licenses and translations; fake France ID card maker, during the period of working and studying in China, French students can exchange their French driving licenses for Chinese driving licenses of the corresponding permitted driving type without test.

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