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Russia ID
Russia ID

Russian driver’s licenses are divided into four classes: A, B, C, and D, which correspond to different motor vehicle models and the number of people they can carry. buy a fake Russia ID, Specifically, class A licenses allow you to drive motorcycles, tricycles, etc., class B allows you to drive small cars, class C allows you to drive large trucks, and class D allows you to drive buses. In addition, holders of a driver’s license should also note that the longer the license is held, the more types of vehicles can be driven, while a novice driver’s license can only drive a small car and so on.

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The Russian driving test is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical test mainly tests the student’s knowledge of traffic rules and safety, including signals, signs, overtaking, stopping, reversing, speed control, and so on. buy a fake Russia ID card, The practical test mainly examines the driving skills of the students, including starting, shifting gears, driving in a straight line, driving around corners, acceleration and deceleration, and handling special situations.

Russia ID back
Russia ID back

Driving a car on Russian roads requires a number of skills. The first is starting, the car speed should not be too fast, and pay attention to start smoothly to avoid stalling. Secondly, shifting gears, not only pay attention to the direction and time, but also pay attention to the rotational speed, so as not to pull down or raise the vehicle caused by abnormal. At the same time, Russia’s roads are relatively rugged, curved, and complex, needs to pay attention to the turning radius, to avoid speeding and the danger of overturning. How to get a Russia ID? In addition, Russia’s traffic rules are very strict, you need to pay attention to the traffic signs and signals, keep the driving speed reasonable, and strictly abide by the traffic rules.

Unlike China, Russia’s traffic rules are very strict and the penalties for traffic violations are also very severe. For example, speeding, drunk driving, violating traffic rules, etc. Once punished, it will have a negative impact on the campus life of international students. fake Russia ID card maker, Therefore, international students need to abide by Russian traffic rules, keep civilized driving, strictly obey traffic signals and signs, and not drink and drive or speed.

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