Fake HK driving licence, How to obtain a fake Hong Kong ID?

HK driving licence
HK driving licence

Generally speaking, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Driving License, is referred to as the Hong Kong Driving License. buy a fake HK driving licence, It is a necessary document issued by the Hong Kong Transport Department to drive a vehicle in Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong driving license is valid for about 10 years (a little shorter for those over 60 years old).

Hong Kong Driving License can not only drive in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Commonwealth countries but also exchange a Hong Kong Driving License for a driving license in the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, and other countries. It can also be used directly in the Commonwealth member countries, or you can directly exchange your license for a Commonwealth member country license without a test. buy HK driving licence online, For details, you can directly consult the traffic department of the country you are going to, as of April 19, 2006, there are 53 member countries in the Commonwealth.

How can I get a fake HK driving licence online?

I. What documents are needed to apply for a Hong Kong driver’s license:
1) Provide the original Chinese Driving License (front page and secondary page)
2) Original valid Chinese passport or Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Region Permit (either one, with or without visa or endorsement)
3)Applicant’s 〈Certificate of Residence in Mainland China and Hong Kong〉.

II. Notes:
1-photo, B-photo, and C-photo can apply. But to get a license time must be more than one year. fake HK driving licence maker, For example, on April 16, “the first time to get a license, must be 17 years after April can apply.
2. Proof of address in mainland China, the applicant can provide their credit card, cell phone bill, or utilities, such as any one bill and envelope, the bill should contain information showing the applicant’s name and current address, the validity period for the last three months in any month. How to get a fake HK driving licence, (Can not be a company or hotel address, must be a home address, cell phone bill refers to, in the telecommunications company’s printed card consumption bill)

Third, how to verify the authenticity of the Hong Kong driver’s license (official verification of the Hong Kong Transport Department)
(1) Directly call or email the Hong Kong Transport Department to inquire
(2) body to the Transport Department direct inquiry (Address: Hong Kong, 95 Queensway, Unity Center, 3rd Floor, Transport Department Licensing Office)

In addition, according to the consensus reached in the 19th Round of Guangdong/Hong Kong Cross-boundary Vehicle Technical Issues Talks, Hong Kong residents can exchange their Mainland driving licenses for Hong Kong driving licenses without testing.

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