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Ontario ID
Ontario ID

More and more international students in Canada choose to rent or buy a car in their local city due to their traveling needs. buy a fake Ontario ID, Whether buying or renting a car, international students inevitably have to deal with auto insurance. In Ontario, Canada, due to the special driver’s license system, the ordinary G class driver’s license is subdivided into several types, and people generally have to follow the process of taking the G1 test, then the G2 test, and then the G test, and then they can finally get the official driver’s license. So do the different types of auto licenses affect the cost of auto insurance?

How to get a fake Ontario ID in Canada?

Ontario ID back
Ontario ID back

There are three types of Ontario Class G licenses

There are 12 different types of driver’s licenses in Ontario, Canada, ranging from general cars to trucks, regular buses, trailers, motorcycles, emergency vehicles, school buses, and so on, and you’ll need a different license if you want to drive any of these vehicles. Buy Ontario ID online, The most common type of license used by international students is the Class G license.

Class G license: applicable to cars, vans, and small trucks, with a gross weight of ≤11000 kg; if there is a trailer, the weight of the trailer must be <4600 kg.

Class G licenses can be subdivided into the following categories:

G1: equivalent to a learner’s license, can be used on the road but not to drive alone; can be obtained by passing the G1 written test.
G2: You can drive a class G car alone and can go anywhere, but there is a requirement that the driver has a blood alcohol level of 0 at the time of driving. How to buy Ontario ID? There are two ways to obtain a G2 license: If you choose to take the MTO-Approved Beginner Driver Education Courses: you can take the road test after you have obtained a G1 for 8 months, and then you can obtain a G2 license (upon successful completion of the road test). If you choose not to take the Driver Education Courses: you can take the road test after 12 months of obtaining your G1, and then you can obtain your G2. Special case: if you have a license from a country other than the designated Canadian country, you can exchange it for a G2 if you pass the test.
G: Also known as Full Licence. Drivers with a G license must have a blood alcohol concentration of ≤ 0.05% when driving. There are several ways to obtain a G license: After 12 months of obtaining a G2, you can take the G road test (after the road test is successful) to obtain a G license. fake Ontario ID maker, Special circumstances: If you have a driver’s license from a country other than the designated Canadian country, you can pass the test and exchange it for a G license directly.

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