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Korea ID
Korea ID

A Korean driver’s license is a local license obtained in Korea, and it takes a short time to get a Korean driver’s license, The instructors are gentle. buy a fake Korea ID, Therefore, according to statistics, nearly 70,000 Chinese citizens have become Korean driver’s license holders in the past three years.

In Korea to accept the license education in general, as long as 13 hours of school time, and driving experience can be directly enrolled in the test, and do not need to receive additional education, Korea to receive education coach students one-on-one teaching, there is no need to wait for the car. buy fake Korea ID, The content of the teaching is basically comprehensible under the condition of mastering a certain level of Korean language foundation. Korea emphasizes the tertiary service industry, and coaches and students basically use honorific language, which is an advantage compared to China.

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Korea Shixing, Chinese customers like Korean drama, Korean music, and Korean fashion is not strange, but go to South Korea there is a reservation program, that is, in South Korea to get a driver’s license. It is reported that in China to get a driver’s license is twice the money spent in South Korea, and it will take a year to get one, tourists in South Korea get a driver’s license back to China after returning to the country will be able to transfer back to the Chinese driver’s license. fake Korea ID maker, Chinese shoppers with a seemingly insatiable appetite for Korean pop music, dramas, cosmetics, and fashion have one more thing on their minds – a driver’s license.

Korea ID back
Korea ID back

In China, those who learn to drive may have to wait up to a year to get a license, and the cost of getting a license is very high, twice the cost of the Korean equivalent. As a result, some Chinese tourists travel all the way to South Korea to get their licenses and then convert them when they return home. Buy a fake Korea ID online, A driving school on the outskirts of Seoul welcomes about 200 applicants from China every month. The instructors speak Korean, so Chinese students who don’t understand the language are usually glued to a television screen in the classroom. The screen lists in Chinese some of the questions that may be asked on the written driving test. Many students from Shanghai and East China choose to go to Jeju to take the driving test and receive their international driver’s license because of the visa-on-arrival status of the Jeju area. The flight time from Shanghai to Jeju is only 65 minutes, with a time difference of 1 hour. The time taken from Shanghai to Jeju is 2 hours and 5 minutes, and the time taken from Jeju to Shanghai is just less than half an hour, which is even more convenient than the transportation within the city!

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