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HAW Hamburg Urkunde
HAW Hamburg Urkunde

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is a public university of applied sciences in Germany. buy a fake HAW Hamburg Urkunde, Founded in 1970 as a merger of four colleges of engineering and technology and six colleges of higher education, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is located in second place in Hamburg and third place in Germany in the ranking of the size of universities of applied sciences. The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has a Faculty of Design-Communication and Information, a Faculty of Life Sciences, a Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, and a Faculty of Economics and Sociology. Ranked 858 in 2019 by the US. NEWS World University Rankings.

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Founded in 1970, the state university is located in the state of Hamburg and has a student population of 13,820. buy a fake HAW Hamburg Urkunde, It has 26 open majors in technology, sociology, design, and informatics and two inter-university collaborations, namely: economic engineering (with the University of Hamburg and the Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology) and shipbuilding (with the Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology). make HAW Hamburg Urkunde online, It is the second-largest university in the Hamburg region and one of the largest universities of its kind in Germany.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences specializes in Architecture, Foreign Economics/International Management, fake HAW Hamburg Urkunde maker, Civil Engineering, Clothing Technology, Library Management and Information Technology, Biotechnology, Electro-technology, Vehicle Technology, Aircraft Construction, Health Care, Graphics and Communication Design, Information Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Production, Media Compilation, Media Technology, Medical Technology, Home Economics and Nutrition, Nursing, Shipbuilding, Ship Operations, Software Technology, Social Pedagogy, Technology Management, Technical Informatics, Textile and Clothing Design, Environmental Technology, Processing Technology, Surveying (Hydrology), Economic Engineering, etc.

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