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Universität Kassel Urkunde
Universität Kassel Urkunde

The University of Kassel (Universität Kassel) is a public university in Kassel, Hesse, Germany, in a beautiful location. buy a Universität Kassel Urkunde, With its long history and high-quality teaching, more than 1,700 students from 98 countries are now enrolled at the university, mainly due to the international academic standard of the degree programs it offers.

The University has signed cooperation contracts with 22 universities in Africa, America, and Asia. buy a fake Universität Kassel Urkunde, More than a hundred scientists have been invited to carry out research and teaching at the University of Kassel, which was ranked in the top 50 of the German university rankings in 2000.

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The fields of research at the University of Kassel have traditionally been broad and often interdisciplinary, and are summarized in four main areas, namely “nature, science and technology, art and social sciences”.

The teaching of the University of Kassel is deeply influenced by the Kassel model, which is a teaching concept that emphasizes practice and is the guiding principle for the establishment of the University of Kassel and the reform of the degree system. Universität Kassel Urkunde certificate, All majors are linked to work practice at the beginning of the program, which helps students cultivate the ability to connect with society so that they can be successfully employed after graduation.

Kassel University’s architecture, landscape, furniture design, industrial design, and other art majors are very powerful, of which industrial design in Germany ranked in the top three. The school’s academic system is a 9-semester system. fake Universität Kassel Urkunde generator, Germans pay more attention to the basic education of subjects, so the first two years are basic compulsory courses, and only later start to choose the direction and do the project.

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