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Thai National ID Card
Thai National ID Card

Thai ID cards will be in both English and Thai, with the year of birth in English used by the public, Thai is to use the Thai Buddhist calendar labeling, ID cards issued by the date and expiration date of the ID card will also be labeled in Thai and English, ID card on the photo, the background is a height scale, there is also a row of codes under the photo. buy Thai National ID Card, On the back of the ID card is the Thai flag, with Thai above the flag and English below it. buy Thai National ID Card online, The front of the ID card has a barcode on the left side and the Thai coat of arms in the upper left corner. buy a Thai National ID Card, The back of the ID card has a code in the upper left corner and one in the center section.

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Thailand started using ID cards in 1983 and has gone through 5 generations, so let’s take a look at how each generation has evolved:

The first generation, which was made of paper, was similar to a traditional library card, fake Thai National ID Card maker, which was like a book and very inconvenient to carry.

The second generation is also made of paper, but significantly smaller.

The third generation, or paper, but the pattern began to have color, and the information material was also printed using a computer.

The fourth generation, made of plastic, kind of like a credit card, added blood type and religion.

The fifth generation, which is used now, is the modern smart card.

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